Turning thirty for me like most people was so scary accompanied by mixed feelings. What makes it more difficult is how Society displays hitting thirty without accomplishing certain things in life as missing the deadline. If you are thirty and are not married yet or at least in a serious relationship if you have no children or still haven’t been promoted, then there is something wrong with you and you need to hurry up before it’s too late.

I believe that each stage you pass through has its beauty and lessons that you learn from.

Every stage sure is different, but it’s not different in the chances, opportunities and time to do many things. There is no time limit to get married, have a child, get your dream job, house…etc.

Every stage requires certain decisions to be taken to have a prosperous future:

When hitting your thirties you need to decrease parting and start making different decisions that will positively impact your future.

How you act in your thirties affect how your future will be. How much you save will determine the security of your future, how well you take care of your body will predict how healthy you are going be in your sixties.

There are myths related to being in your thirties, one of the famous ones is that you will make fewer mistakes during this time. This isn’t necessarily true, each stage has its lessons that you learn from and participate in your evolution and development.

Enjoy your life in your thirties gain more control over your life to a more secure and happy future.

I have come here to unveil some of the most important decisions I have gathered from people’s advice that can help us increase the odds to have a better future:

1. Start saving up:

The most important advice is to start saving up for your retirement. Pay all of your debts, buy a house instead of renting one. Plan and prioritize your finances. Stash portion of your salary in a savings account, keeping another part aside for emergencies. Spend wisely. Stop spending frivolously, making money burn a hole in your pocket. Don’t invest in things you got no clue of.

2. Care for your body and skin:

Start eating healthy. Eat food rich in vitamins like vegetables and fruits, exercise more often. Substitute healthy snacks with unhealthy ones. Limit your caffeine daily intake.

Drink plenty of water. Although the sun gives you vitamin D the excessive exposure to it causes premature skin aging, skin damage, and future wrinkles. Always use sunscreen before going out.

3. Look after your teeth:

Take good care of your teeth and your dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Floss every day. Eat food healthy for the gums and teeth. Limit acidic drinks and sugary foods. Fix small cavities immediately. Have a regular dentist visit to examine and have dental cleanings.

4. Give rid of any toxic relationships and friendships:

At this stage, it is better to get rid of any relationship that is toxic or brings you down. Contrary, keep your genuine friends closer and tighten your bond with them. Good friends are important for our well-being. We are wired to enjoy being with the company. Fix any relation that needs work. Visit and call your family more. Expand your social circle meeting new people.

5. Make time for yourself and enjoy your alone time:

No matter how hectic your day is, make time for yourself, do activities that you love. Dedicate time for your relaxation, meditate, practice yoga or use a warm soothing shower to recharge. Take yourself out to a cafe, restaurant or to a movie, take a book or listen to your favorite music while unwinding in the park.

6. Work out:

Work out regularly is essential not only for keeping oneself in good shape but also to stay healthy and reduce risks of getting chronic diseases in the future. Keep an exercise routine from two to three times a week. Find sports and activities that you love to encourage you to continue exercising.

Working out will affect your aging look and how healthy you will be.

7. Learn new things:

Learn new things, try out new skills or hobbies. Seize every opportunity to improve yourself and prosper. Enjoy every day to the maximum. Take courses and look for online tutorials to explore new fields.

8. Forgive yourself:

Learn from your mistakes and cut yourself some slack. Forgive yourself and others don’t hold grudges. Never regret experiences, remember you learned a lot from them.

9. Pursue your dreams:

Make goals and keep pursuing them. Break big targets into smaller achievable ones. Make every day count and filled with new experiences. Pursue your long dreamed job, start taking risks after studying all the aspects, doing your research, and asking experts then work hard into getting what you want. Reward your success and always motivate yourself.

10. Get rid of bad habits:

Stop all the destructive habits that will sooner or later harm you. Quit smoking, drinking and eating lots of sugar. Get enough sleep. Go to bed early. Avoid skipping meals.

Not surprisingly, sleep deprivation increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It also affects your ability to think and your mood. Researchers have also linked insufficient sleep and weight gain.