Motivation is the gasoline that fuels and keeps us going. We all at times need encouragement to keep us moving, and not derail from our path or goals. Motivation can come from friends, family or from famous quotes that give us hope, positive energy, and pushes us forward.
I have gathered for you my friends a list of the top 200 quotes that are too insightful,  straight to the point, and that I have kept through the years. I have compiled the most powerful and inspiring ones which have benefited many people like me through tough moments in life.


Truly said, if someone tries to put you down, telling you you will never make it, or you can't do this, or that you are not smart enough to succeed, you should never believe them. People don't know your true unlimited power. These words only show their limits and capabilities not yours. Keep going no matter what they say.


Make every day count. Every day is a new opportunity, a new beginning.


The most important person to keep promises to is yourself. Promise yourself you will be better, successful, and happier. Work on keeping these promises every single day. Believe that one day you will fulfill them with work and consistency.


I totally believe in this quote, the strongest person is the one who never gives up no matter how hard it seems.

There come times where you want to lose hope and give up, but giving up is only for the weak. To win you need to "Try, Try again."


Keep an eye on the goal. Write down your goals on a piece of paper, stick this paper on your wall, so you can see it all the time. Don't get discouraged by setbacks, they only teach you and make you better.


Don't wait for an opportunity, create one. Take steps, start now.


When you are positive, you will get positive outcomes. Do your part of work well, then believe that great results will come to you, eventually.


Life teaches us new lessons every day. Be up to the test and learn well from the lessons life teach you. As long as you are living you are learning. This is life, be wise enough not to repeat the same mistake twice.


When you fall, clean up your clothes and keep moving. Don't stay down long, get up stronger, wiser and more persistent.


Goals are your life dream. Keep following them till you change your dream to reality.


Do what they don't expect, Shock them with your success.


Don't wait for circumstances to be in your favor. Create the opportunity. Start, pursue your dream and never give up until you are satisfied.


Enough said here, Keep your goal big and your effort even bigger.


I love this one. Mistakes are your best teacher. If you never fail, you have never learned anything. Explore new things by trying and making mistakes that you can learn from.


Make your actions speak for you, not your words. Work hard at your job and show your boss your achievements by hitting targets, and meeting the deadline.


Postponing what you want to do for tomorrow will only waste another day from achieving your goal. Start now. Enough with the procrastination.


This quote has changed my way of thinking. I am looking now differently to everything that may face me in life. I am more prone to accept life's challenges, finding numerous ways to win.


Be Optimistic. Look at the glass half full. Optimists are happier, healthier and more successful.


Let your success speaks for you.


To be successful you need to work hard.  Action= Success. It is a fair and simple equation that you can make.