Happiness is a choice, not an inborn feeling. Everyone wants to live happily though fewer can find the key to happiness. Many people have everything they have ever dreamed of, yet they are not happy.

Some of us forget how to smile and to have fun in this grinding life routine. Many people get so stressed and angry as a result of the huge responsibility of the house, work, and kids. Getting disappointed in people or unable to fulfill certain targets or winning the latest promotion..

Whatever your case is: age, situation or difficulties you face, it is never too late. You can learn how to enjoy your life and become happier.

Stop crying over spilled milk, it won’t do you any good, and won’t change the situation. On the contrary, it will make it worse and sooner or later people will avoid you, thinking of you as a negative, pessimistic person.

Want to be happy? Living each day fully, accepting whatever happens peacefully? Be satisfied with whatever you do? Well, continue reading this article, I have brought you 10 ways that have been tested on over 5000 different people from different ages, genders, and countries. 90% of these people have confirmed that they became much happier after trying these steps.

1.  Count your blessings:

It is a human thing that we get used to the things we have, forgetting how lucky we are for having them. From family, health, people who love us, and the properties we own. Things others are dreaming to have. you need to make a list of all the good things that you are thankful for in your life on a piece of paper and put it in a visible area only you can see to remind yourself of them and other things that you have dreamed of a long time ago and now you own.

2.  Avoid Falling Into the Comparison Trap:

One of the biggest problems is the comparison, especially nowadays with the openness of social media where we can see others’ lives through pictures and posts. I know it is easier said than done but I want you to know that the latest studies show that 70% of the people who share happy photos of them with their partners are the most unhappy ones.

Another study has discovered that many people buy unnecessary stuff only because others do. Hence, start to stay focused on your path and self, and forget the rest. Comparing yourself to others will make you always dissatisfied with whatever you achieve or do no matter how amazing it is.

3. Love your internal and external beauty

Remind yourself of your qualities, and accomplishments.
Accept yourself as you are. However, start on changing what needs to be changed in your character. Learn new skills that will empower you greatly.
Do not beat yourself up when you fail, learn from your mistakes. Smart people don’t make the same mistake twice. Keep a journal with you jotting down your progress to check when a similar situation encounters you again.

4.  Do what you love:

Many people work in fields they don’t like but unable to change them. Nevertheless, you can after work do what you love. Search for something you are passionate about hobby, sport, activity, etc.
If you used to draw or play an instrument start again doing these things. Find the one thing that makes you happy to do it even at home. Even dance for 15 minutes on your favorite song.

5. Exercise more:

Working out is a mood booster. Put on your sweatsuit with favorite songs in your ears and start doing any kind of exercise. You can walk for 15 minutes in a greenery area breathing in clean air viewing beautiful scenery that will automatically sooth you and will make you smile.
This will improve your health and mood at the same time.

6. Enjoy your own company:

Happiness is reading my favorite book while drinking a hot cup of coffee

Although friends are important, you need to enjoy your company too. Get a few minutes each week for me time. Learn not to depend your happiness on others. Go to your favorite place alone enjoying a cup of coffee or your favorite meal reading a good book. There might come times that all your friends might get very busy. At that time you won’t get disappointed, you will take yourself and find a list of things you enjoy doing alone.

7. Stop worrying and start living:

Too much thinking and worrying are toxic. Stop getting anxious about the future. Blaming yourself of the past. Know that tomorrow isn’t in your hand, you can’t control what will happen, do your part, get prepared and then relax. Don’t overload yourself with things out of your hand, just hold yourself accountable for your actions and things that are in your hands. Moreover, know that no matter how difficult the situation might seem it will eventually pass.

8. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones:

Talking with friends, to somebody who understands you very well and who can support you and help you whenever you need is the best therapy. Surround yourself with good, positive friends who can cheer you up and are fun to be around. Besides, you can expand your friendship circle, knowing a variety of people is very good and healthy. Spend more time with your family, doing nice activities with them.

9. Pamper yourself:

Pamper your body and skin

Every now and then pamper yourself. Go to a spa, have a massage. Get a new haircut, go shopping for new clothes. You deserve to get spoiled. Have an alleviating bubble bath after a long hard day leaving all your troubles behind. Meditation can be a perfect idea to tranquilize only focusing on breathing in and out with a blank mind. Dump the negative thinking completely always look at the glass half full.

10. Define your goal and chase it:

Some people are not happy because they don’t know their purpose in life or don’t have a specific goal. You need to know exactly what goal you want to achieve, start planning how you can reach it. Make a specific and doable goal. Write down what is it and how to achieve it. Example: don’t say I want to be a rich man this isn’t specific. Say I want to get promoted to earn more money and I will need to take more shifts, take specific course, learn… etc.

At the end, remember to fake it until you make it. Smile more often until it becomes part of you. It has been proven that smiling a lot even when you are sad can affect your brain altering your feelings to a better one.

Bear in mind that some cases might need the interference of a therapist or life coaches to assist the person get over the stress, and grief. At that time don’t hesitate to take the quick action of seeing one you deserve to live a worry-free, amazing, and joyful life.